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Request to authorize the County Administrative Officer to send a response letter to the California State Board of Food and Agriculture regarding outreach and engagement to the irrigated agriculture community in the Paso Robles Groundwater Basin in regards to the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA). All Districts.

(This item was pulled for separate vote by the Board)

E Greening, M Brown, E Beraud, J Reaugh, G Grewal: speak.

Supervisor Peschong: Makes a motion to approve staff recommendations support the letter and send.

Supervisor Compton: amends the motion to include to additionally send the letter to those CC’d in the original letter from the state.

On amended motion by Supervisor Peschong, seconded by Supervisor Compton Amends the motion to approve staff recommendations supporting and include sending the letter to those names identified on the left side of the letterhead in the original letter from the state.

Supervisors Gibson and Hill: outlines their reasons for not supporting

Supervisor Peschong, Compton and Arnold: outline thier reasons for supporting

The Board approves as recommended by the County Administrative Officer and as amended by this Board.
For: 3
  • Debbie Arnold
  • Lynn Compton
  • John Peschong
Against: 2
  • Adam Hill
  • Bruce S. Gibson
Abstained: 0
Recused: 0
Absent: 0