Voting details

Hearing to consider 1) the submittal of a resolution amending Title 22 and Title 19 (LRP2019-00007) of the County Code extending the Water Neutral New Development programs in the Paso Robles Groundwater Basin to January 1, 2025, and formalizing procedures for managing the Agricultural Offset Ordinance regarding application review and establishment of water duty factors and 2) submittal of a resolution amending the Position Allocation List for FC 142 – Planning and Building extending the sunset date for 1.00 FTE Limited Term Planner I/II/III position to December 31, 2024. Districts 1 and 5.

(This item is amended, per the addendum to the agenda, staff is amending attachment #7, removing a reference to amending the fee schedule, which is not related to this item, and combining separate references to adopt ordinances amending Title 22 and Title 19 individually into one reference to adopt amendments to Title 19 and Title 22 together. Requirements of the Brown Act have been satisfied as this notice was posted prior to the 72-hour deadline.)

Kip Morias – Planning & Building: presents staffs PowerPoint

Chairperson Arnold: opens the floor to public comment.

Ms. Susan Johnson, Ms. Jamie Jones, Mr. Eric Greening, Mr. Greg Grewal, Mr. Robert Galbraith, Ms. Robin Chapman, Mr. Jerry Reaugh, Mr. Larry Ravera, Mr. John Walter, Ms. Patricia Wilmore, Mr. Garrett Philbin-absent when called: speak.

On motion by Supervisor Arnold, to accept staff recommendations with these changes, recording notice of deed restriction against property, and change look back date to 8/14/2014.

Discussion between planning, Board and County Counsel about changing look back date.

Supervisor Arnold amends the motion to recording notice, 1/30/22 another look and eliminating offsite offsets. Supervisors Peschong seconds the motion with these things noted for a Phase II discussion:

Looking at offsite offsets
Noticing deed restriction
foulowing registration
Housing projects – revisit requirements in ordinance that aren’t allowing general plan amendments for subdivisions.
Reevaluate the Red Zone
Water duty factor for small grains

Supervisor Compton as the motion maker asks if she is excluding anything that was on staff recommendations, Supervisor Peschong states no. Supervisor Arnold restates the additions: recording notice, 1/30/22 another look, eliminating offsite offsets. Supervisors Gibson clarifies the motion to approve the planning commission recommended draft with those modifications and recommendations to staff for phase II, replace deed restriction with recording of notice and extension of 2 years rather than 5, elimination of offsite offsets. Supervisor Gibson asks motion maker to consider going back to 5 years instead of 2. Supervisor Arnold keeps motion exactly as stated. A straw vote is taken all in favor and break is taken for Planning & Building to amend ordinance and bring back to the Board. Supervisor Gibson calls the question for final vote. Under discussion Supervisors Gibson states that 2years is too short and that offsites are appropriate.

The Board adopts staff recommendations as amended by the Board to approve the addendum to the previously certified EIR as complete and adequate in accordance with the applicable provisions of the California Environmental Quality Act, Public Resources Code Section 21000 et. Seq.; adopt RESOLUTION NO. 2019-308 (attachment 7) amending Title 22 and Title 19 for the Water Neutral New Development programs in the Paso Robles Groundwater Basin; Adopts amendments to ORDINANCE 3398 to Title 22 and Title 19; waives the reading of the ordinance, and adopts RESOLUTION NO. 2019-309 amending the Position Allocation Listing for Fund Center 142 Planning and Building to extend the sunset date for a 1.00 FTE limited term Planner I/II/III position to December 31, 2024.
For: 5
  • Adam Hill
  • Bruce S. Gibson
  • Debbie Arnold
  • Lynn Compton
  • John Peschong
Against: 0
Abstained: 0
Recused: 0
Absent: 0