Voting details

Hearing to consider 1) receiving and filing the FY 2018-19 Annual Report for the Public Facilities Fees program and 2) submittal of a resolution to amend the Public Facilities Financing Plan and Title 18 (the Public Facilities Fees Ordinance) of the County Code to provide for future public facilities that will be needed from 2019 to 2040; exempt from CEQA. All Districts.

Wes Drysdale: amends attachment 1 to be labeled as Exhibit C for the record and provides the Clerk new copies.

Wes Drysdale: presents staff PowerPoint.

Chairperson Arnold: opens the floor to public comment without response.

On motion by Supervisor Gibson, seconded by Supervisor Hill the board approves staff recommendations to receive and file the FY 2018-19 Annual report for the Public Facilities Fees program; Adopts RESOLUTION NO. 2019-307 approving amendments to the Public Facility Financing Plan for Unincorporated Area facilities, covering the period from 2019 to 2040, imposing changes in fees as determined by the Public Facilities Financing Plan, and amendments to Title 18 of the County Code; Adopts ORDINANCE NO. 3397 amendments to the Public Facilities Fees Ordinance, Title 18 of the County Code; and waived the reading of the ordinance.
For: 5
  • Adam Hill
  • Bruce S. Gibson
  • Debbie Arnold
  • Lynn Compton
  • John Peschong
Against: 0
Abstained: 0
Recused: 0
Absent: 0