Voting details

Review of the FY 2020-21 Budget Goals and Policies, Budget Balancing Strategies and Approaches, and Board Priorities. All Districts.

Ms Emily Jackson – County Budget Director and Mr. Wade Horton – County Administrative Officer: present the staff PowerPoint.

Chairperson Arnold: opens the floor to public comment.

Mr. Gary Kirkland, Mr. Jim Roberts, Mr. Joe Rouleax, and Mr. Mike Brown: speak.

On motion by Supervisor Compton, seconded by Supervisors Peschong the Board approves staff recommendations and amends the Budget Goals and Policies document to include GSP in the short term goals and to change the language in item #18 regarding privatization.

Mr. Wade Horton requests that the motion be amended to include modifying the homeless priority to include detox and rehab.

Supervisor Compton amends the motion, seconded by Supervisor Peschong.

Supervisors Gibson: addresses his concerns for not adding GSP to short term, but long term, and interested if motion maker and second would amend the motion. Note that budgeting will be more challenging due to overloading our short term priorities.
For: 5
  • Adam Hill
  • Bruce S. Gibson
  • Debbie Arnold
  • Lynn Compton
  • John Peschong
Against: 0
Abstained: 0
Recused: 0
Absent: 0