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Hearing to consider appeals by Mary Webb and Christine Heinrichs of the Planning Commission’s approval of a request by Peoples’ Self-Help Housing for a Development Plan/Coastal Development Permit (DRC2012-00052) to allow the construction of a 33-unit apartment complex on the north side of Schoolhouse Lane across from Santa Lucia Middle School, approximately 0.65 mile north of the Highway 1/Main Street intersection, in the community of Cambria. District 2.

It is recommended that the Board: Adopt the resolution denying the appeals of Mary Webb and Christine Heinrichs and upholding the decision of the Planning Commission to approve Development Plan/Coastal Development Permit (DRC2012-00052) based on the F indings and Conditions set forth in Attachment 2 – Exhibit A and Exhibit B, respectively; and Adopt the mitigated negative declaration (ED17-280) pursuant to Section 21000 et seq., of the California Public Resources Code (CEQA). <-@
For: 5
  • Adam Hill
  • Bruce S. Gibson
  • Debbie Arnold
  • Lynn Compton
  • John Peschong
Against: 0
Abstained: 0
Recused: 0
Absent: 0