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Planning Commission

Held at Board Chambers

Thursday, 08/22/2019

From 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

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Jay Brown Commissioner
James Harrison Commissioner
Dawn Ortiz-Legg Commissioner
Mike Multari Commissioner
Don Campbell Commissioner
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Members of the public wishing to address the Commission on matters other than scheduled items may do so at this time, when recognized by the Chairman. Presentations are limited to three minutes per individual.
Briefing on Planning Commission Schedule and Appeals.
A request for a sixth time extension by SLO Investments LLC for Vesting Tentative Tract Map 2312 and Conditional Use Permit (SUB2004-00091) to subdivide an existing 10.98 acre parcel into 59 residential parcels ranging in size from 0.03 to 0.12 acres, 10 commercial parcels ranging in size from 0.21 to 0.84 acres, each for the purpose of sale and/or development. The proposal includes 59 duplex, triplex, and fourplex residential units, and 75,868 square feet of commercial space in two phases of development. The project includes one 0.67 acre parcel for a drainage basin, and one 0.43 acre parcel for open space. The project includes off-site road improvements to Hill Street, and Grande Avenue. The proposed project will result in the disturbance of the entire 10.98-acre parcel. The division will create an on-site road (Frontage Road). The proposed project is within the Commercial Retail land use category and is located between Hill Street and Grande Avenue, west of Highway 101 in the community of Nipomo. The site is in the South County (Inland) Sub-area in the South County Planning Area. The Tract Map was approved by the Planning Commission on July 28, 2005.

County File Number: EXT2019-00044 Assessor Parcel Number: 092-579-005, 006, 007, 008 and 009
Supervisorial District: 4 Date Accepted: NA
Project Manager: Katie Nall Recommendation: Approval
Planning Commission 3/2019
GENERAL PLAN CONFORMITY REPORT - the Planning Director has issued the following General Plan conformity report. This is a notice of a completed conformity report to the Planning Commission as required by Section B, Chapter 7 of Framework for Planning, Part 1 of the county Land Use Element, and is being provided for public information only. No action need be taken by the Planning Commission except to Receive and File the report. The decision to issue a General Plan conformity report is solely at the discretion of the Planning Director, although appeals of the Planning Director's determination may be made in accordance with the provisions of the Land Use Ordinance.

Notice of determination of conformity with the County General Plan for a request by the City of Morro Bay Department of Public Works to create and acquire a 27.6-acre parcel from a privately owned 396-acre parcel (APN 073-101-017) for the development of the City’s new water reclamation facility. The parcel is within the Agriculture land use category and is located approximately 935 feet north of the intersection of Highway 1 and South Bay Boulevard, north of and adjacent to the City of Morro Bay, within the Estero Planning Area. This General Plan Conformity Report is not considered a project under CEQA and therefore does not require an environmental determination. Any subsequent land use permit application, however, would require an environmental determination from the agency issuing the permit. It should be noted that the Environmental Impact Report for the proposed water reclamation facility was certified by the City of Morro Bay on August 2018 and the Coastal Commission approved a Coastal Development Permit on July 11, 2019.

County File Number: DTM2019-00021 Assessor Parcel Number: 073-101-017
Supervisorial District: 2 Date Accepted: Not Applicable
Project Manager: Schani Siong Recommendation: Receive and File
Planning Commission 4/2019
HEARINGS: (Advertised for 9:00 a.m.)
Hearing to consider a request by Helios Dayspring for a Conditional Use Permit (DRC2018-00036) to establish cannabis operations that will include up to three acres of outdoor (hoop house) cultivation, up to 22,000 square feet of indoor (greenhouse) cultivation, up to 28,210 square feet of commercial cannabis nursery, operation of a non-storefront dispensary, and ancillary processing activities such as curing, drying and trimming. Development would include 180,000 square feet of hoop house structures, 45,000 square feet of greenhouse structures, 24 320-square foot storage containers for drying, a 320-square-foot storage container for storage, approximately 4,740 square feet of an existing winery building, and installation of ten 10,000-gallon water storage tanks. The operation would cover approximately 12.86 acres of the 63-acre property. The project includes a modification from the parking standards set forth in Land Use Ordinance (LUO) Section 22.18.050.C.1 to reduce the number of parking spaces from 95 to 24 spaces. The proposed project site is in the Agricultural land use category and is located at 13350 River Road, approximately one mile east of San Miguel. The project site is within the Salinas River Sub Area of the North County Planning Area. Also to be considered is the adoption of the Mitigated Negative Declaration prepared for this project.

County File Number: DRC2018-00036 Assessor Parcel Number: 027-271-041
Supervisorial District: 1 Date Accepted: September 18, 2019
Project Manager: Cassidy McSurdy Recommendation: Continue to September 26, 2019
Planning Commission 1/2019
Hearing to consider a request by Howard and Pepper, Inc., for a Conditional Use Permit to allow for a two-phase project consisting of the following: Phase 1 - Recreational vehicle sales and storage yard consisting of 275, 10-foot by 33-foot storage bays; and Phase 2 – Conversion of a portion of the storage yard (Phase 1) for construction of a new 14,825-square foot, two-story office and sales building with a reduction in the number of storage bays from 275 to 225. The project will result in the disturbance of the entire 4.43-acre parcel. The request also includes a modification of fencing and screening requirements pursuant to Land Use Ordinance Section 22.10.080. The proposed project is within the Commercial Service land use category and is located at the intersection of North Frontage Road and Sandydale Road in the community of Nipomo. The site is in the South County Sub Area of the South County Planning Area. The Environmental Coordinator, after completion of the initial study, finds that there is no substantial evidence that the project may have a significant effect on the environment, and the preparation of an Environmental Impact Report is not necessary. Therefore, a Mitigated Negative Declaration (pursuant to Public Resources Code Section 21000 et seq., and CA Code of Regulations Section 15000 et seq.) has been issued on June 20, 2019 for this project. Mitigation measures are proposed to address Aesthetics, Air Quality, Biological Resources, Noise, Public Services/Utilities, Transportation/Circulation, Water/Hydrology and Land Use and are included as conditions of approval.

County File Number: DRC2016-00068 Assessor Parcel Number: 091-325-022
Supervisorial District: 4 Date Accepted: December 19, 2018
Project Manager: Stephanie Fuhs Recommendation: Approval
Planning Commission 2/2019
Hearing to consider a request by Eldar and Linsie Sarmento for a Variance (DRC2019-00036) to allow for the construction of a residential driveway that will cross slopes in excess of 30 percent to access a proposed residential building site on a 365-acre parcel. The proposed driveway will extend from an existing private road (Leroy Lane) off Rocky Canyon Road across two intervening parcels (APN 034-551-038 & 034-551-039) for a total distance of 4,730 linear feet. The project involves 11,300 cubic yards of cut and 8,400 cubic yards of fill. The project will result in the disturbance of approximately 8 acres. The property is within the Agriculture land use category, located at 6490 Rocky Canyon Road, one mile east of the City of Atascadero in the El Pomar-Estrella Sub Area of the North County Planning Area.
Also to be considered is the environmental determination that the project is exempt under CEQA, pursuant to CEQA Guidelines Section 15061(b)(3), Common Sense Exemption. The Environmental Coordinator has determined that it can be seen with certainty that there is no possibility that the proposed project may have a significant adverse effect on the environment. A Notice of Exemption has been prepared pursuant to CEQA Guidelines Section 15062.

County File Number: DRC2019-00036
Assessor Parcel Numbers: 034-411-009 and 034-451-008; 034-551-038; 034-551-039
Supervisorial District: 5 Date Accepted: May 23, 2019
Project Manager: Cindy Chambers Recommendation: Approval
Planning Commission 5/2019