Agenda items
Number Description Department
Agenda 325/2019 Closed Session Items - 2019-10-22 County Counsel Details
Agenda 322/2019 FY 2020-21 Financial Forecast Administrative Office Details
Agenda 321/2019 District Community Project Funds - Olde Towne Nipomo Association Board of Supervisors Details
Agenda 323/2019 Library’s capital needs/proposal to seek funding through a November 2020 ballot initiative. Library Details
Agenda 320/2019 DCCA 2019-2022 MOU Human Resources Details
Parks and Rec 4/2019 Parks and Golf Q4 FY 2018-19 Financial Results Parks and Recreation Details
Agenda 319/2019 Submittal of updated Travel Policy ACTTCPA Details
Agenda 318/2019 Request to receive and file the Inmate Welfare Fund Statement of Operations for FY 2018-19 Sheriff - Coroner Details
Agenda 317/2019 Board of Supervisors Meeting Calendar for 2020 Administrative Office Details
Agenda 316/2019 FY 2019-2020 Budget Amended Reso correct Exhibit 2 ACTTCPA Details
Agenda 324/2019 Introduction of proposed amendments to the Public Facilities Fees Ordinance, Title 18 of the County Code. Planning and Building Details
Agenda 315/2019 Req to auth issuance of legal notices of public hearing regarding solid waste disposal rate increase within and surrounding LOCSD Public Works Details
Agenda 314/2019 Req to order listed projects are auth for delivery under JOC in accord with PCC 20128.5 Public Works Details
Agenda 313/2019 Reso supporting the development and establishment of the US Bike Route 95 Public Works Details
Agenda 312/2019 Amendment to add a tractor shed structure to fixed asset list and corresponding BAR Airports Details
Planning Commission 23/2019 Cabrillo Court Construction Company Vesting Tentative Tract Map (Tract 3130)/Conditional Use Permit SUB2019-00017 Planning and Building Details
Agenda 311/2019 Supervisor's Expense Report Board of Supervisors Details
Planning Commission 22/2019 Howard and Pepper Conditional Use Permit DRC2016-00068 Planning and Building Details
Agenda 310/2019 Req to apprv solid waste rate increase rural Morro Bay, Cayucos, San Simeon Public Works Details
Agenda 309/2019 BOS Minutes Approval - August and September 2019 Administrative Office Details