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Ordinance 8.13 Amendment- Extend Moratorium on Biosolids

Agenda 677/2020
Health Agency
Adoption of an ordinance amending Chapter 8.13 of the San Luis Obispo County Code to extend the interim moratorium on the land application of treated sewage sludge/biosolids to from March 31, 2021 to March 31, 2026 or until adoption of a permanent ordinance, whichever occurs first; find the ordinance exempt from the California Environmental Quality Act (Public Resources Code Section 21000 et seq.); and instruct the Clerk of the Board to publish the previously prepared summary of the ordinance in a newspaper of general circulation within 15 days after adoption of the ordinance, as required by Government Code Section 25124; and post the full text of the ordinance in the Clerk of the Board’s Office (or on the County website) with the names of those Supervisors voting for and against the ordinance. All Districts.
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