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DeCicco General Plan Amendment - Final Action

Agenda 688/2020
Planning and Building
Continued hearing to consider a request by Franco DeCicco to amend the Official Maps - Part III of the Coastal Land Use Element, by redesignating 0.4 acres from Commercial Retail to Residential Single-Family in the Cayucos Urban Reserve Line, located at 2958 Orville Avenue in Cayucos about 200 feet from Highway 1; request includes adoption of a Mitigated Negative Declaration pursuant to CEQA. District 2.
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Attachment 1 - Powerpoint Presentation pdf 5 MB
Attachment 2 - Resolution and LUC Map pdf 195 kB
Attachment 3 - Planning Commission Letter pdf 246 kB
Attachment 4 - Planning Commission Minutes of October 22, 2020 pdf 138 kB
Attachment 5 - Planning Commission Staff Report for Meeting October 22, 2020 and Mitigated Negative Declaration pdf 5 MB
Attachment 6 - Correspondence Received pdf 1 MB
Attachment 7- Board of Supervisors Staff Report December 8, 2020 pdf 203 kB
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