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Introduction of Ordinances amending Title 22, Title 23 and Chapter 1.05 of Title 1 establishing Hearing Officer for Code Enforcement

Agenda 691/2020
Planning and Building
Introduction of attached Ordinances amending Title 22 (Land Use Ordinance), Title 23 (Coastal Zone Land Use Ordinance), and Chapter 1.05 (Administrative Fines) of Title 1 (General Provisions) of the San Luis Obispo County Code to establish a hearing officer for traditional code enforcement cases and make additional amendments to facilitate a more effective and efficient code enforcement process. Hearing set for January 5, 2021. All Districts.
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Ordinance Amending Title 22 (Inland Land Use Ordinance) – Redline pdf 114 kB
Ordinance Amending Title 23 (Coastal Land Use Ordinance) – Redline pdf 109 kB
Ordinance Amending Title 1 Chapter 1.05 (Administrative Fines) – Redline pdf 78 kB
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