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SUB2019-00055/CO14-106 Mazzone Parcel Map

SRB 16/2020
Planning and Building
Hearing to consider a request by Frank Mazzone for a Tentative Parcel Map (CO14-0106 / SUB2019-00055) to subdivide an existing 16.73-acre parcel into two parcels of 11.66 and 5.07 acres each for the purpose of sale and/or development. Parcel 1 will include an existing 6,000 square foot residence, agricultural barn and accessory storage structures. Parcel 2 will include an existing 1,200 square foot residence, a 500 square foot historic residence converted to storage, and several small accessory sheds. A side setback adjustment is requested to allow the existing structure to be located 10 feet, nine inches from the northern property line. No new site disturbance is proposed or anticipated other than required public road and utility improvements. An existing shared well will continue to serve the two parcels. The property is in the Residential Rural land use category and subject to a Planning Area Standard that limits subdivision to two parcels and prohibits secondary residences. The project site is located at 6505 Monte Road, San Luis Obispo on the east side of Highway 101 at the intersection of San Luis Bay Drive and Monte Road, approximately 3 miles south of the City of San Luis Obispo, in the San Luis Obispo Sub Area North of the San Luis Obispo Planning Area. Also to be considered is the determination that this project is categorically exempt from environmental review under CEQA.

County File Number: SUB2019-00055 Assessor Parcel Number: 076-251-044
Project Manager: Cindy Chambers Date Accepted: December 31, 2019
Supervisorial District: 3 Recommendation: Continue to October 2, 2020
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