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Castaneda, 3rd Time Extension, CO 15-0065, SUB2015-00009, EXT2020-00023

SRB 14/2020
Planning and Building
A request for a Third Time Extension by Carlos Castaneda, Jr. for a Vesting Tentative Parcel Map (SUB2015-00009) to subdivide two existing parcels totaling approximately 21 acres into four parcels of approximately 5.20 acres each for the purpose of sale and/or development. The project includes road improvements to Pomeroy Road and Rocky Place fronting the property. The project will result in site disturbance of approximately 10,000 square feet (for road improvements). The proposed project is within the Residential Rural land use category. The project is located at 1650 Rocky Place, at the north east corner of Rocky Place and Pomeroy Road, approximately three miles northwest of the community of Nipomo. The site is in the South County Sub Area of the South County Planning Area. The Parcel Map was approved by the Subdivision Review Board on June 6, 2016.

County File Number: EXT2020-00023 Assessor Parcel Number: 091-073-021 & -022
Supervisorial District: 4 Date Accepted: N/A
Project Manager: Katie Nall Recommendation: Approval
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Attachment 1 - Project Graphics pdf 2 MB
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