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Peoples' Self-Help Housing, 1st Time Extension, CO 18-0018, SUB2018-0005, EXT2020-00022

SRB 11/2020
Planning and Building
A request for the First Time Extension by Peoples’ Self-Help Housing to subdivide an existing 3.92-acre parcel into two lots of 2.08 acres (Lot 2) and 1.84 acres (Lot 1) and develop the second phase of a residential care (senior living) facility on one of the resulting parcels (Lot 1). The first phase, which consists of 29 senior care apartments and related facilities, was previously developed on the southern half of the property (Lot 2). The proposed second phase would add 36 senior care apartments / 41 beds in 8 buildings, a community center, and related site improvements to the northern half of the property (Lot 1). The proposal would disturb the entirety of the proposed 1.84-acre parcel (Lot 1). The applicant is seeking a modification to the required side and rear setbacks. The project site is located at 1035 Petersen Ranch Road, on the south side of Peterson Ranch Road, approximately 0.5-mile west of Highway 101 and approximately 120 feet east of the intersection of Petersen Ranch Road and Gray Pine Avenue in the Community of Templeton. The site is in the Salinas River sub-area of the North County planning area. The Parcel Map was approved by the Planning Commission on June 14, 2018.

County File Number: EXT2020-00022 Assessor Parcel Number: 040-289-012
Supervisorial District: 1 Date Accepted: N/A
Project Manager: Katie Nall Recommendation: Approval
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