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Carpenter-Cardoza Parcel Map SUB2019-00111 (CO19-0105)

SRB 15/2020
Planning and Building
Hearing to consider a request by Kenneth Cardoza for a Tentative Parcel Map (SUB2019-00111/CO 19-0105) to subdivide an existing twenty-acre parcel into two parcels of ten acres each for the purpose of sale and/or development. Improvements for the subdivision will not result in site disturbance. The applicant is also requesting an adjustment to the design standards in Section 21.03.010 of Title 21 – The Real Property Division Ordinance to allow Proposed Parcel 2 to have greater than a 3:1 depth to width ratio. The proposed project is within the Residential Rural land use category and is located at 730 Serpa Ranch Road, approximately two miles south of the City of San Luis Obispo. The site is in the San Luis Obispo Sub Area of the San Luis Obispo Planning Area. Also to be considered is the determination that this project is exempt from environmental review under CEQA based on the common sense exemption, CEQA Guidelines § 15061(b)(3).

County File Number: SUB2019-00111 Assessor Parcel Numbers: 076-063-020
Supervisorial District: 3 Date Accepted: May 5, 2020
Project Manager: Stephanie Fuhs Recommendation: Approval
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