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Residential Vacation Rental Ordinance - Los Osos

Planning Commission 36/2020
Planning and Building
Hearing to consider a request by the County of San Luis Obispo to approve amendments to the Coastal Zone Land Use Ordinance, Title 23 of the County Code, to establish residential vacation rentals standards for the community of Los Osos, under Section 23.08.165. This project is covered by the general rule that CEQA applies only to projects which have the potential for causing a significant effect on the environment. It can be seen with certainty that there is no possibility that this project may have a significant effect on the environment; therefore, the activity is not subject to CEQA.
[Reference: State CEQA Guidelines Section 15061(b)(3), General Rule Exemption]

County File Number: LRP2020-00005 Assessor Parcel Number: Not Applicable
Supervisorial District: 2 Date Accepted: Not Applicable
Project Manager: Cory Hanh Recommendation: Recommend: Board of Supervisors Approval
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Attachment 1 - Findings pdf 23 kB
Attachment 2 - Public Hearing Draft Residential Vacation Rentals Ordinance_Clean pdf 47 kB
Attachment 3 - Public Hearing Draft Residential Vacation Rentals Ordinance_Redline pdf 47 kB
Attachment 4 - LOCAC Memorandum Regarding Vacation Rental Guidelines for Los Osos pdf 257 kB
Attachment 5 - Draft Recommended Ordinance pdf 96 kB
Attachment 6 - Presentation pdf 202 kB
Attachment 7 - Correspondence pdf 6 MB
Correspondence received Part 1 pdf 11 MB
Coastal Commission questions via email pdf 111 kB
Correspondence Part 2 pdf 6 MB
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