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Billig Third Time Extension SUB2013-00052

Planning Commission 14/2020
Planning and Building
Hearing to consider a request by Dr. Harvey and Melanie Billig for a third time extension (EXT2020-00009) of previously approved Vesting Tentative Parcel Map (CO14-0020) and Conditional Use Permit (SUB2013-00052) to: (1) subdivide an existing 4.9-acre parcel into two parcels of 1.46 acres and 3.44 acres; (2) construct a 36,503-square-foot assisted living facility (60 beds) on the 1.46-acre parcel; (3) construct a 70,419-square-foot behavioral health hospital (91 beds) on the 3.44-acre parcel; and (4) implement site improvements on both parcels, including grading, parking, landscaping, and installing a common driveway. The request includes a modification to the height standards for the proposed hospital to allow a height of 44 feet from average natural grade instead of 35 feet, as required by the ordinance. The proposed project will result in the overall disturbance of approximately 3.5 acres, including 22,230 cubic yards of cut and 17,260 cubic yards fill on a 4.9-acre parcel. The project site is within the Office and Professional land use category, and is located on the south side of Las Tablas Road (directly opposite Twin Cities Hospital), approximately ΒΌ mile west of Bennett Road in the community of Templeton, in the Salinas River Sub Area of the North County Planning Area. A time extension is not a project under CEQA.

County File Number: EXT2020-00009 Assessor Parcel Number: 040-280-056
Supervisorial District: 1 Date Accepted: N/A
Project Manager: Holly Phipps Recommendation: Approval
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