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Financing for Animal Services Facility and 2008A COP Refunding

Agenda 426/2019
Submittal of a resolution:
1) authorizing the issuance of Lease Revenue Bonds to finance the construction of the New Animal Services Facility Project; 2) authorizing the issuance of a second series of Lease Revenue Bonds in order to refund the 2008 certificate of participations (COPS) to obtain a lower interest rate; 3) approving the form, terms, and provisions of documents associated with the refunding; 4) confirming the selection and appointment of bond counsel, disclosure counsel, municipal advisor and underwriter; and 5) authorizing the Chairperson of the Board of Supervisors, Auditor-Controller and other County officers and representatives to finalize and execute all documents. All Districts.
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SLO County 2020 Bonds - Resolution pdf 266 kB
SLO County 2020 Bonds-Site and Facility Lease pdf 884 kB
SLO County 2020 Bonds-Lease Agreement pdf 1 MB
SLO County 2020 Bonds-Escrow Agreement pdf 889 kB
SLO County 2020 Bonds-Bond Purchase Contract pdf 907 kB
SLO County Bonds-Irrevocable Prepayment Instructions-2008 Vineyard Drive COP pdf 759 kB
SLO County Bonds-Indenture pdf 1 MB
SLO County Bonds-Notice of Public Hearing pdf 693 kB
Discussed at meetings:
Meeting BOS - 31/2019, Point 8 on 12/10/2019 by Board of Supervisors
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