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Carey Minor Use Permit DRC2019-00021

PDH 31/2019
Planning and Building
A request by Justin Carey for a Minor Use Permit (DRC2019-00021) to allow for the construction of two (2) two-story single-family dwellings each located on adjacent 3,000-square-foot lots. Each residence consists of 2,175 square feet of living area, a 428-square-foot attached garage, 310 square feet of balcony space, and a 258-square-foot roof deck. The project will result in the disturbance of the entirety of each lot through development, landscaping and associated improvements. The proposed project is within the Residential Multi-Family land use category and is located on the northeast side of Security Court, approximately 100 feet northwest of the intersection of Maui Circle and Security Court, in the community of Oceano. The site is in the San Luis Bay Coastal Planning Area. Also to be considered is the environmental determination that the project is categorically exempt under CEQA, pursuant to CEQA Guidelines Section 15061(b)(2). A Notice of Exemption has been prepared pursuant to CEQA Guidelines Section 15062.

County File Number: DRC2019-00021 Assessor Parcel Number: 061-082-025 & 061-082-026
Supervisorial District: 4 Date Accepted: August 27, 2019
Project Manager: Cody Scheel Recommendation: Approval
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Attachment 1 - Findings pdf 467 kB
Attachment 2 - Conditions pdf 545 kB
Attachment 3 - Graphics pdf 1 MB
Attachment 4 - Notice of Exemption pdf 498 kB
Attachment 5 - Referral Responses pdf 684 kB
Discussed at meetings:
Meeting PDH - 19/2019, Point 5. on 11/1/2019 by Planning Department Hearings
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