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Introduction of Amendments to Title 19

Agenda 364/2019
Planning and Building
1) Submittal of a resolution to amend provisions of the California Building Standards Code based on local climatic, geological, or topographical conditions and 2) introduction of an ordinance amending the Building and Construction Ordinance, Title 19 of the San Luis Obispo County Code, to be consistent with the most recently adopted State codes and to implement other non-substantive changes. Hearing set for November 19, 2019. All Districts.
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Attachment 1 - Resolution adopting Special Findings pdf 314 kB
Attachment 2 - Amendments to Title 19 (Showing changes) pdf 2 MB
Attachment 3 - Amendments to Title 19 (Clean) pdf 1 MB
Discussed at meetings:
Meeting BOS - 29/2019, Point 2 on 11/5/2019 by Board of Supervisors
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