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Recovery Residence Contracts

Agenda 235/2019
Health Agency
Request to: 1) approve FY 2019-20 contract awards with Gryphon, Restorative Partners, The Discipleship Home, and The Next Step, in the cumulative amount not to exceed $758,593 to provide safe and sober recovery-oriented housing in a recovery residence appropriate for individuals who have been identified as requiring housing in addition to treatment; and 2) delegate authority to the Health Agency Director or his designee to sign any amendments to the recovery residence contracts, including option to renew for two additional years (through June 30, 2022), that do not increase the level of General Fund Support required by the Health Agency. All Districts.
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Gryphon Contract pdf 3 MB
Restorative Partners Contract pdf 2 MB
Restorative Partners Exhibit - H pdf 1 MB
The Discipleship Home Contract pdf 3 MB
The Next Step Contract pdf 3 MB
Discussed at meetings:
Meeting BOS - 25/2019, Point 08 on 9/17/2019 by Board of Supervisors
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