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Report of Environmental Documents Available for Review (Courtesy Notice)

Agenda 242/2019
Planning and Building

The purpose of the environmental review process is to provide information about the environmental effects of the actions and decisions made by the County, so that environmental considerations become a part of the decision-making process. The following is a summary of the most recent determinations made by the County’s Environmental Coordinator. The purpose of this listing is to notify the public of pending actions, which may affect the environment of San Luis Obispo County. You are invited to participate in this process by reviewing and providing comments on the recommendations of the Environmental Coordinator. Your comments should be in writing and should be delivered to:
Ellen Carroll, Environmental Coordinator, Department of Planning and Building, 976 Osos Street, Room 300, San Luis Obispo, CA 93408-2040.
For more information about the environmental review process, please visit:,

Proposed Negative Declarations
A Negative Declaration is issued for projects that would not result in significant effects on the environment. In many cases, the project applicant has added mitigation measures to the project to reduce environmental impacts in order to qualify for a Negative Declaration. If you disagree with the issuance of a proposed Negative Declaration, you may provide comments or file a Request for Review (appeal) of the Negative Declaration. Requests for Review must be filed within two weeks of the date that the proposed Negative Declaration is posted and must address only environmental issues. There is a fee for the request. If you would like more information about this process, please contact the Environmental Coordinator.

For the week of April 15th, 2019

Paso Robles Area
DRC2018-00111 AT&T (CRAVEN) Conditional Use Permit (ED17-343)
Request by AT&T Mobility and Tammy Craven for a Conditional Use Permit to allow the construction and operation of an unmanned wireless communications facility that includes the following:
a. Construction of a 66-foot high antenna support structure disguised as an elevated faux water tank containing twelve (12), eight-foot high panel antennas, split into three sectors of four (4) antennas each, two (2), six-foot diameter dish antennas and ancillary antenna support equipment within the “water tank”; b. Ground equipment including 16-SF, 5.5 foot tall equipment shelter, backup power a generator on a concreted slab, one (1) air conditioning unit, emergency lighting, two (2) GPS antennas, a utility meter, disconnection switch, and cam lock; c. An 8-foot tall wooden fence/gate around a 35-foot by 25-foot lease area; d. A 3-foot wide utility trench for power and telco lines extending from the lease area to proposed overhead utility poles; e. Improvements to an existing driveway/access (ranging in width from 12 feet to 20 feet) to be improved up to 16 feet wide per Cal Fire/County Fire Department requirements. The telecommunications facility will be constructed within an approximate 875 SF fenced lease area surrounded by an 8-foot tall fence situated in the northerly portion of the site. Vehicular access will be provided by an existing 0.80 mile long driveway/access road from Creston Road. Utilities will be extended to the lease site via utility trenching to proposed overhead utility poles to be located along the existing driveway/access road. The project will result in the disturbance of approximately 1.7 acres of disturbance on 2-parcels totaling 101 acres. The proposed project is within the Agriculture land use category and is located on the north side of Creston Road (at 6600 Creston Road), approximately 4 miles east of the City of Paso Robles. The project site is within the El Pomar Estrella Sub area of the North County Planning Area.