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Morro Bay Water Reclamation Facility

Agenda 227/2019
Planning and Building
Submittal of resolutions 1) authorizing the California Coastal Commission to process a consolidated Coastal Development Permit for the City of Morro Bay’s proposed water reclamation facility and 2) delegating authority to the Director of the Planning & Building Department to approve or deny future Coastal Development Permit consolidation requests; exempt from CEQA. Districts 2, 3 and 4.
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Attachment 1 – Resolution Authorizing the California Coastal Commission to Process a Consolidated Coastal Development Permit Request by the City of Morro Bay for Proposed Water Reclamation Facility pdf 173 kB
Attachment 2 – Resolution Delegating Authority to the Director of the Planning and Building Department to Approve or Deny Coastal Development Permit Consolidation Requests pdf 181 kB
Attachment 3 – City of Morro Bay Request Letter to California Coastal Commission for Consolidated Permitting pdf 295 kB
Attachment 4 - Correspondence Received pdf 132 kB
Correspondence - Posted April 17, 2019 pdf 19 MB
Correspondence - Posted April 18, 2019 pdf 11 MB
Correspondence - Posted April 19, 2019 pdf 2 MB
Correspondence - Posted April 22, 2019 pdf 2 MB
Discussed at meetings:
Meeting BOS - 10/2019, Point 16 on 4/23/2019 by Board of Supervisors
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