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Addendum to the Board of Supervisors Agenda

Tuesday, 07/07/2020

Begin: 9:00 AM

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Amended Items:
Addendum to Item #12 - Request to authorize the District Attorney's Christopher G. Money Victim Witness Center to apply for the California Office of Emergency Services Victim Witness Assistance Center grant. Staff is amending the subject line and recommendation to request board action on approving a resolution which was inadvertently omitted. All Districts.
Agenda 378/2020
Addendum to Item #15 Request to approve a forty-eight (48) month lease agreement for Club Car Connect Visage Software golf cart technology modules for the total amount of $53,280, by 4/5 vote. Staff is amending this item in both the Subject and Recommendation to request that the Board authorize a corresponding budget adjustment in the amount of $13,320 from unanticipated revenue for Fund Center 427 - Parks and Recreation - Golf by 4/5 vote. All Districts.
Agenda 379/2020
Added Closed Session Items:
CONFERENCE WITH LEGAL COUNSEL - PENDING LITIGATION (Government Code section 54956.9.) It is the intention of the Board to meet in closed session concerning the following items: Existing Litigation (Gov. Code, section 54956.9(a)). (Formally initiated.): (22) State of California ex re. OnTheGo Wireless, LLC v Cellco Partnership d/b/a Verizon Wireless,, Case No. 34-2012-00127517.
Agenda 377/2020