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Board of Supervisors

Held at Board Chambers

Tuesday, 06/02/2020


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Board Business - COVID Update
Update and possible action on COVID-19 in San Luis Obispo County. All Districts.
Agenda 281/2020
Consent Items:
Consent Agenda - Administrative Office Items:
Request to 1) approve a four-year renewal agreement with private attorney firm San Luis Obispo Defenders, a Professional Law Corporation in the amount of $4,856,934 for the first year (FY 2020-21) as well as other negotiated compensation as outlined in the attached contract for the provision services as the County Primary Public Defender; and 2) authorize the County Administrative Officer to execute an additional two-year extended term to the contract. All Districts.
Agenda 274/2020
Submittal of the FY 2020-21 Recommended Budget Hearing Schedule. All Districts.
Agenda 280/2020
Consent Agenda - Airports Items:
Request to approve a land Lease Agreement between the County of San Luis Obispo and Pismo Coast Village, Inc. for an initial term of 2 years for an annual amount of $42,900 at the Oceano Airport, by 4/5 vote. District 4.
Agenda 272/2020
Consent Agenda - County Counsel Items:
Request to amend the Fixed Asset list for FC 111 - County Counsel to add a Sharp MX 5071 printer/copier/scanner in an estimated amount of $5,900. All districts.
Agenda 279/2020
Consent Agenda - Human Resources Items:
Submittal of a resolution approving 1) increases in employee-paid pension contribution rates and County-paid pension contribution rates based on the January 1, 2019 Actuarial Valuation report and applicable memoranda of understanding, and 2) amendments to the San Luis Obispo County Employees Retirement Plan appendices. All Districts.
Agenda 275/2020
Consent Agenda - Parks & Recreation Items:
Request to 1) approve a forty-eight (48) month lease agreement for thirty-seven (37) electric golf cars and three (3) gas powered utility carts for the total amount of $205,000 and 2) approve a non-exclusive easement to Southern California Gas Company in order to increase the size of the gas supply pipeline to the Dairy Creek Golf Course Clubhouse in order to provide both heat to the Toptracer Range facility and ample natural gas volume to the restaurant kitchen and building, by 4/5 vote. District 2.
Agenda 278/2020
Consent Agenda - Planning & Building Items:
Request to authorize the use of alternative publication procedures for a hearing on June 16, 2020 to consider 1) amendments to Title 23 of the County Code, and Coastal Framework for Planning Table “O” (LRP2017-00001) to add Accessory Dwelling Units as an allowed use; 2) amendments to Title 22 of the County Code, the Coastal Zone Land Use Ordinance, Title 23 of the County Code, and the Coastal Framework for Planning Table “O” (LRP2017-00002) to amend and replace the Farm Support Quarters Ordinance with a new ordinance on Agricultural Worker Housing; and 3) amendments to Title 22 and Title 23 of the County Code, Framework for Planning, Coastal Framework for Planning, Inland Area Plans, and the Conservation and Open Space Element (LRP2013-00017) to modify combining designations for lands with significant mineral resources and lands adjacent to existing mines and quarries. All Districts.
Agenda 269/2020
Consent Agenda - Public Works Items:
Submittal of a resolution amending the Traffic Regulations Code for speed limits on Rodman Drive in Los Osos, Main Street in Cambria, North Ocean Avenue in Cayucos, and Ontario Road in Avila Beach. Districts 2 and 3.
Agenda 267/2020
Submittal of resolutions establishing the FY 2020-21 special tax rates, and confirming the amounts of the special taxes levied on each parcel in County Service Area Nos. 9-I (East of Los Osos Creek), 10 (Cayucos), 21 Leonard Place Road Improvement Zone (Cambria), and Nipomo Lighting District Zone E (Tract 1700, Los Pinos Estates) and authorizing collection of the charges on property tax bills. Districts 2 and 4.
Agenda 268/2020
Consent Agenda - Public Works Items: Board Sitting as Flood Control District:
Request to declare Surplus Water for Zone 3 (Lopez Water System) of the San Luis Obispo County Flood Control and Water Conservation District. Districts 3 and 4.
Agenda 266/2020
Request to appoint three members to the Water Resources Advisory Committee of the San Luis Obispo County Flood Control and Water Conservation District. All Districts.
Agenda 271/2020
Consent Agenda - Sheriff - Coroner Items:
Request to 1) approve an application from the Coronavirus Emergency Supplemental Funding (CESF) Grant totaling $61,659 to install a negative pressure HEPA filtered air exchange system for the Coroner’s Office; 2) accept the grant, if awarded; and 3) and authorize the Sheriff-Coroner to sign all documents related to the Coronavirus Emergency Supplemental Funding (CESF) Grant. All Districts.
Agenda 277/2020
Public Comment Period:
The general public comment period is intended to provide an opportunity for members of the public to address the Board on matters within the Board’s purview that are not scheduled on the current agenda. Individuals interested in speaking are asked to fill out a "Board Appearance Request Form" and submit it to the Clerk of the Board prior to the start of general public comment. When recognized by the Chair, each individual speaker may address the Board and is limited to a MAXIMUM of three (3) minutes or a reasonable period of time as determined by the Board Chairperson.
Board Business:
Request to 1) receive a presentation from County Fire Chief Scott Jalbert regarding the 2020 Fire Season; 2) approve a resolution acknowledging receipt of the inspection report for calendar year 2019; and 3) make a motion to acknowledge the presentation and to acknowledge receipt of the report regarding the annual inspections required by section 13146.2 and 13146.3 of the California Health and Safety Code. All Districts.
Agenda 228/2020
Closed Session Items:
CONFERENCE WITH LEGAL COUNSEL - ANTICIPATED LITIGATION (Government Code section 54956.9.) It is the intention of the Board to meet in closed session concerning the following items: (1) Significant exposure to litigation pursuant to paragraph (2) or (3) of subdivision (d) of section 54956.9. Number of potential cases: Two; and (2) Initiation of litigation pursuant to paragraph (4) of subdivision (d) of section 54956.9. Number of potential cases: Two.
CONFERENCE WITH LABOR NEGOTIATOR (Government Code section 54957.6.) It is the intention of the Board to meet in closed session to have a conference with its Labor Negotiator, Tami Douglas-Schatz, concerning the following employee organizations: (3) SLO Government Attorney’s Union (SLOGAU); (4) SLO County Employees Association–Trades and Crafts (SLOCEA-T&C); (5) Deputy County Counsels’ Association (DCCA); (6) Sheriffs’ Management; (7) SLO County Probation Managers’ Peace Officers’ Association (SLOCPPOA); (8) Deputy Sheriff’s Association (DSA); (9) District Attorney Investigators’ Association (DAIA); (10) SLO County Probation Managers’ Peace Officers’ Association (SLOCPMPOA); and (11) SLO County Employees Association – Public Services, Supervisors, Clerical (SLOCEA – PSSC). (12) Unrepresented Management and Confidential Employees; (13) Sworn Deputy Sheriffs’ Association (SDSA); and (14) United Domestic Workers of America (UDWA).
Agenda 270/2020