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Planning Commission

Held at Board Chambers

Thursday, 05/14/2020

From 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

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Members of the public wishing to address the Commission on matters other than scheduled items may do so at this time, when recognized by the Chairman. Presentations are limited to three minutes per individual.
Briefing on Planning Commission Schedule and Appeals
November 14, 2019 Draft Plannig Commission minutes
Planning Commission 13/2020
December 12, 2019 draft Planning Commission minutes
Planning Commission 22/2020
January 9, 2020 draft Planning Commission minutes
Planning Commission 23/2020
January 23, 2020 draft Planning Commission minutes
Planning Commission 24/2020
GENERAL PLAN CONFORMITY REPORT - The Planning Director has issued the following General Plan conformity reports. This is a notice of a completed conformity report to the Planning Commission as required by Section B, Chapter 7 of Framework for Planning, Part 1 of the county Land Use Element, and is being provided for public information only. No action need be taken by the Planning Commission except to Receive and File the reports. The decision to issue a General Plan conformity reports is solely at the discretion of the Planning Director, although appeals of the Planning Director's determination may be made in accordance with the provisions of the Land Use Ordinance.

A report on the determination of conformity with the County General Plan for the proposed construction of a primitive horse trail camp on County owned property (APN: 070-411-014), for the purpose of providing recreational activities including camping and multi-use trails for equestrians and hikers within Santa Margarita Regional Park. The project includes the installation of six 16 by 16-foot horse corrals made of pipe fencing, three picnic tables, and one bear box and the establishment of space for 10 tent camping sites, and parking for six horse trailers. The parcel is within the Open Space land use category and is located adjacent to a parking area that serves the River Road Trailhead and staging area for the Blinn Horse Trail, approximately 1.7 miles north of the intersection of West Pozo Road and River Road, south east of Santa Margarita Lake, northwest of the village of Pozo. The project is located within the Las Pilitas Sub Area of the North County Planning Area.

County File Number: DTM2020-00005 Assessors Parcel Number: 070-411-014
Supervisorial District: 5 Date Accepted: NA
Project Manager: Katie Nall Recommendation: Receive and File
Planning Commission 20/2020
A request for the first time extension by GV4, LLC/Michaeljoe Goldstein for a Phased Vesting Tentative Parcel Map and concurrent Conditional Use Permit to allow a Commercial Subdivision of a 40 acre parcel into 14 commercial parcels ranging in size from ~0.72 acres to ~4.2 acres and a 20.6-acre Remainder Parcel and the construction of a construction contractors yard (MGE Underground Headquarters) on Lot 1 of the proposed subdivision. A General Plan Amendment (LRP2015-00100) to add commercial service land use category to the property was approved by the Board of Supervisors on June 20th, 2017. The land use designation for the property is now Commercial Retail and Commercial Service. The project will result in the disturbance of approximately 18.9 acres on a 40-acre site. The project site is located at 4210 Ramada Drive, between Ramada Drive and the Union Pacific Railroad tracks, approximately 600 feet north of North Main Street, in the community of Templeton. The site is in the Salinas River sub-area of the North County planning area. The phased Vesting Tentative Parcel Map was approved by the Planning Commission on February 22, 2018.

County File Number: EXT2020-00003 Assessor Parcel Number: 040-211-009
Supervisorial District: 1 Project Manager: Katie Nall
Date Accepted: NA Recommendation: Approval
Planning Commission 19/2020
HEARINGS: (Advertised for 9:00 a.m.)
Hearing to consider a request by Alyson Rodges for a Development Plan/Coastal Development Permit (DRC2019-00163) for a commercial dog kennel and training facility. The project proposes to convert existing storage structures for this facility. The project is also requesting modification of development standards of Specialized Animal Facilities (CZLUO 23.08.052.g.[4].[ii]) to allow access from a privately maintained road. No site disturbance is proposed. The proposed project is within the Industrial land use category and is located at 776 Calle Bendita Road in the village of Callender-Garrett. The site is in the South County (Coastal) Planning Area. Also to be considered is the determination that this project is categorically exempt from environmental review under CEQA.

County File Number: DRC2019-00163 Assessor Parcel Number: 091-351-054
Supervisorial District: 4 Date Accepted: October 22, 2019
Project Manager: Young Choi Recommendation: Approval
Planning Commission 16/2020
Hearing to consider a request by Dennis Doty and Eugene M. Doty Family, LLC and T-Mobile West, LLC for a Conditional Use Permit (DRC2019-00041) to allow for the construction and operation of a wireless communications facility disguised as an 80-foot tall faux mono-eucalyptus. The faux mono-eucalyptus consists of eight (8) panel antennas, four (4) remote radio units, (1) microwave dish, and associated equipment and hardware, all to be located within a 20-foot by 20-foot lease area, surrounded by a 6-feet 6-inch tall wood picket fence. The enclosed lease area also includes a diesel standby emergency generator and equipment cabinets. The proposed project will result in the disturbance of approximately 1,500 square feet (including utility trenching) on an approximately 50-acre parcel. The proposed project is within the Agricultural land use category and is located at 526 North Oakglen Avenue, approximately 1.5 miles west from the community of Nipomo. The site is in the South County Inland Sub Area of the South County Planning Area.

County File Number: DRC2019-00041 Assessor Parcel Number: 090-151-009
Supervisorial District: 4 Date Accepted: October 24, 2019
Project Manager: Holly Phipps Recommendation: Approval
Planning Commission 46/2019
Hearing to consider a request by Gary Bagnall for a Conditional Use Permit/Coastal Development Permit to allow construction of approximately 140,000 square feet of industrial floor area in two buildings on a 9.1-acre parcel. The project will result in the disturbance of approximately 7.8 acres and removal of approximately 5.9 acres of eucalyptus trees in two phases, beginning on the northern portion of the site with construction of a 46,500 square-foot industrial building in Phase I. Phase II would continue on the southern portion of the site with construction of the remaining 93,300 square feet of industrial building floor area. Improvements include the installation of an on-site water and wastewater system and two 70,000-gallon fire suppression storage tanks. The parcel is outside of the Coastal Zone, but the southern property boundary abuts the Coastal Zone boundary at the Willow Road right-of-way; therefore, required offsite improvements on Willow Road require a Coastal Development Permit. The proposed project site is within the Industrial land use category and is located at 654 Winterhaven Way, at the northwest corner of Willow Road and Winterhaven Way in the Callender-Garrett Village Reserve in Nipomo. The site is in the South County Inland Sub Area of the South County Planning Area, with offsite improvements extending into the South County Coastal Planning Area. The Principal Environmental Specialist, after completion of the initial study, finds that there is no substantial evidence that the project may have a significant effect on the environment, and the preparation of an Environmental Impact Report is not necessary. Therefore, a Mitigated Negative Declaration (pursuant to Public Resources Code Section 21000 et seq., and CA Code of Regulations Section 15000 et seq.) has been issued on February 14, 2020 for this project. Mitigation measures are proposed to address Air Quality, Biological Resources and Transportation and are included as conditions of approval. Anyone interested in commenting or receiving a copy of the proposed Environmental Determination should submit a written statement. Comments will be accepted up until completion of the public hearing(s).

County File Number: DRC2017-00057 Assessor Parcel Number: 091-402-006
Supervisorial District: 4 Date Accepted: December 31, 2019
Project Manager: Cindy Chambers Recommendation: Approval
Planning Commission 18/2020