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Board of Supervisors

Held at: Board Chambers

Tuesday, 11/17/2015

Begin: 9:00 AM

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Consent Agenda - Administrative Office Items:
Thirty-day update on current drought conditions and related management actions for the Board’s review of the continuing need for the March 11, 2014 proclamation of local emergency pursuant to Government Code section 8630. All Districts.
Agenda 802/2015
Consent Agenda - Auditor - Controller - Treasurer - Tax Collector Items:
Submittal of a resolution delegating authority to the County Auditor-Controller-Treasurer-Tax Collector (ACTTC) to perform certain duties on the Board's behalf in connection with the process of escheating unclaimed monies as authorized by California Government Code Section 50057. All Districts.
Agenda 810/2015
Review of the District Attorney's Office State of California Department of Insurance Workers' Compensation Insurance Fraud Program Grant for Fiscal Year 2014-15. All Districts.
Agenda 818/2015
Consent Agenda - Planning & Building Items:
Submittal of a resolution authorizing the Director of the Department of Planning and Building to 1) submit a grant application to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) for the Fiscal Year 2015 Continuum of Care program and 2) sign the agreements necessary to participate in the program. All Districts.
Agenda 805/2015
Submittal of a resolution accepting an Avigation Easement from Patrick D. Fitzgerald and Barbara H. Fitzgerald, Trustees of the Patrick and Barbara Fitzgerald Family Trust dated November 15, 2012, for the Oceano County Airport. District 4.
Agenda 811/2015
Consent Agenda - Parks & Recreation Items:
Request to 1) approve an amendment to the fixed asset list for Fund Center (FC) 305 –Parks and Recreation to add a replacement boiler/burner for Hardie Park pool in Cayucos, and 2) authorize a corresponding budget adjustment in the amount of $20,000 from Parks Reserves to FC 305- Parks and Recreation for the boiler/burner. District 2.
Agenda 816/2015
Consent Agenda - Public Works Items:
Submittal of right of way documents accepting conveyance from Robert S. and Victoria F. Aikman for the Cypress Mountain Drive at Klau Creek Bridge Replacement Project. District 1.
Agenda 807/2015
Submittal of a resolution designating the Director of Public Works, or designee, as the authorized representative to file an application and execute an agreement for the Sustainable Groundwater Planning “Counties with Stressed Basins” Grant Program. All Districts.
Agenda 809/2015
Consent Agenda - Social Services Items:
Request to approve three appointments to the Workforce Development Board (WDB). All Districts.
Agenda 776/2015
Public Comment Period:
This is the time set for members of the public to address the Board on matters that are not scheduled on the agenda.
Board Business:
Request to enter into three individual agreements with Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) administrators to allow properties within unincorporated County to participate in PACE programs, and to amend an existing Joint Powers Agreement. All Districts.
Agenda 803/2015
Submittal of the 2015 Status Report on the San Luis Obispo County's 2011 Public Safety Realignment Implementation Plan. All Districts.
Agenda 806/2015
Request to receive and file the Department of Parks and Recreation’s 2015-2020 Draft Strategic Plan. All Districts.
Agenda 815/2015
Hearing to consider a request by the County of San Luis Obispo for amendments to Title 29 – Affordable Housing Fund, to consider resolutions adopting an annual adjustment of the residential in-lieu fee and commercial housing impact fee schedules, and approve the Annual Report and Action Plan for Year 2016 pursuant to Title 29. All Districts.
Agenda 804/2015
Closed Session Items:
CONFERENCE WITH LEGAL COUNSEL - ANTICIPATED LITIGATION (Government Code section 54956.9.) It is the intention of the Board to meet in closed session concerning the following items: (1) Significant exposure to litigation pursuant to paragraph (2) or (3) of subdivision (d) of section 54956.9. Number of potential cases: Two; (2) Initiation of litigation pursuant to paragraph (4) of subdivision (d) of section 54956.9. Number of potential cases: Two.

CONFERENCE WITH LEGAL COUNSEL - PENDING LITIGATION (Government Code section 54956.9.) It is the intention of the Board to meet in closed session concerning the following items: Existing Litigation (Gov. Code, section 54956.9(a)). (Formally initiated.) (3) Mesa Community Alliance v. State of California Department of Parks and Recreation, et al.; (4) Santa Maria Valley Water Conservation District v. City of Santa Maria, et al.; (5) AT&T Corp. v. County of San Luis Obispo.

CONFERENCE WITH LABOR NEGOTIATOR (Government Code section 54957.6.) It is the intention of the Board to meet in closed session to have a conference with its Labor Negotiator, Tami Douglas-Schatz, concerning the following employee organizations: (6) San Luis Obispo Government Attorney’s Union (SLOGAU); (7) San Luis Obispo County Employees Association – Trades and Crafts (SLOCEA-T&C); (8) Deputy County Counsel’s Association (DCCA); (9) Sheriffs’ Management; (10) San Luis Obispo County Probation Peace Officers’ Association (SLOCPPOA); (11) Deputy Sheriff’s Association (DSA); (12) District Attorney Investigators’ Association (DAIA); (13) San Luis Obispo County Probation Managers’ Peace Officers’ Association (SLOCPMPOA); (14) San Luis Obispo County Employees Association – Public Services, Supervisors, Clerical (SLOCEA – PSSC); (15) Unrepresented Management and Confidential Employees; and (16) Association of San Luis Obispo County Deputy Sheriffs (ASLOCDS).

CONFERENCE WITH REAL PROPERTY NEGOTIATOR (Government Code section 54956.8.) It is the intention of the Board to meet in closed session to have a conference with its Real Property Negotiator concerning the following: (17) Property Description: 249 12th Street, Units A and B, San Miguel (APN 021-252-009); Agency Real Property Negotiator: Shauna Dragomir, Real Property Manager; Party with Whom Negotiating: John Haggerty; Instructions to Negotiator: Price, Terms, and Conditions.
Agenda 817/2015
Submittal of a resolution recognizing Kevin Kester as the recipient of the 2015 California Chamber of Commerce Livestock person of the year award. All Districts.
Agenda 801/2015
Request to approve the appointments of Board Members to various committees and commissions. All Districts.
Agenda 812/2015
Hearings to consider resolutions for two proposals, one to amend and one to enter into agricultural preserves. AGP2014-00016 – Riboli Paso Robles, LLC - south side of Almond Drive, approximately 1.0 mile east of the intersection of Almond Drive and South El Pomar Road, 4.0 miles east of the City of Atascadero. AGP2015-00002 - Ronald Denner - north side of Adelaida Road approximately 1 mile west of the intersection of Adelaida Road and Nacimiento Lake Drive, 2 miles west of the City of Paso Robles. Districts 1 and 5.
Agenda 808/2015
Request to authorize processing of a Local Coastal Plan amendment application (LRP2014-00023) by Teach About/Righetti to change the land use designation of a 253 acre parcel of land from Agriculture to Recreation in order develop a 300,000 square foot children’s cancer hospital; the site is located along and on the north side of State Highway 41 adjacent to the City of Morro Bay in the Estero Planning Area. District 2.
Agenda 814/2015