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Agricultural Preserves, Riboli & Denner

Agenda 808/2015
Planning and Building
Hearings to consider resolutions for two proposals, one to amend and one to enter into agricultural preserves. AGP2014-00016 – Riboli Paso Robles, LLC - south side of Almond Drive, approximately 1.0 mile east of the intersection of Almond Drive and South El Pomar Road, 4.0 miles east of the City of Atascadero. AGP2015-00002 - Ronald Denner - north side of Adelaida Road approximately 1 mile west of the intersection of Adelaida Road and Nacimiento Lake Drive, 2 miles west of the City of Paso Robles. Districts 1 and 5.
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Attachment A1 - Riboli Resolution and Graphic for AGP2014-00016 pdf 166 kB
Attachment A2 – Staff Report - Riboli Paso Robles, LLC pdf 494 kB
Attachment B1 – Resolution and Graphic for AGP2015-00002 – Ronald Denner pdf 196 kB
Attachment B2 – Staff Report - Ronald Denner pdf 515 kB
Discussed at meetings:
Meeting BOS - 38/2015, Point 18 on 11/17/2015 by Board of Supervisors
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