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Onsite Medical Clinic

Agenda 163/2020
Human Resources
Submittal of a resolution to 1) ratify an executed contract with Elite Medical in the amount of $1,098,094 to implement a 2-year pilot program for an on-site employee medical clinic, 2) approve a fixed asset purchase of the modular unit Project and all associated installation costs not to exceed $232,550, 3) approve an associated amendment to the FY 2019-20 fixed asset listing for the Sheriff’s Office, 4) approve a corresponding budget adjustment for the capital purchase funded by an operating transfer out of workers comp ISF Fund Center 408 and operating transfer into the Sheriff’s Office Capital Outlay Account Fund Center 13601, by 4/5 vote, and 5) delegate authority to the Director of Central Services to execute amendments and execute such other contracts and take such other further actions as necessary related to commencement of operation of the Onsite Medical Clinic. All Districts.
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Discussed at meetings:
Meeting BOS - 6/2020, Point 33 on 3/24/2020 by Board of Supervisors
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