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Delgado Conditional Use Permit DRC2017-00108

Planning Commission 36/2019
Planning and Building
Hearing to consider a request by Larry Nasareno Montenegro Delgado for a Conditional Use Permit (DRC2017-001 08) to establish three acres of outdoor and 22,000 square feet of indoor cannabis cultivation, 28,800 square feet of indoor and 77,657 square feet of outdoor standalone cannabis nursery, non-volatile manufacturing, and distribution of cannabis on a portion of a 42-acre project site. The project includes construction of two greenhouses (57,600 square feet) to support the proposed indoor cultivation and indoor cannabis nursery. A 6,000-square-foot processing building would be used for non-volatile manufacturing, and the drying, curing, trimming, packaging, and labelling of non-manufactured cannabis product. Three 864-square-foot temporary office trailers are also proposed. The project will result in the disturbance of approximately 1 0 acres. The project would operate seven days per week, up to 24 hours per day. The project requests a modification from the parking standards set forth in Land Use Ordinance (LUO) Section 22.1 8.050.C.1 to reduce the required number of spaces from 128 to 19 and a modification from the setback provisions set forth in LUO Section 22.40.050.D.3.b to reduce the outdoor cultivation setbacks from 300 feet to 30 feet from the western property line, and from 300 feet to 258 feet from the eastern property line. The project site is located at 8380 Carrisa Highway in the Carrizo Planning Area. Also to be considered at the hearing will be adoption of the Environmental Document prepared for the item. The Environmental Coordinator, after completion of the initial study, finds that there is no substantial evidence that the project may have a significant effect on the environment, and the preparation of an Environmental Impact Report is not necessary. Therefore, a Mitigated Negative Declaration (pursuant to Public Resources Code Section 21 000 et seq., and CA Code of Regulations Section 1 5000 et seq.) has been issued on February 27, 2019 for this project. Mitigation measures are proposed to address Air Quality and Biological Resources and are included as conditions of approval.

County File Number: DRC2017-001 08 Assessor Parcel Number(s): 072-301-007
Supervisorial District: District 5 Date Accepted: 06/28/2018
Project Manager: Megan Martin Recommendation: Approval
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Attachment 1 - Findings pdf 190 kB
Attachment 2 - Conditions of Approval pdf 559 kB
Attachment 3 - Graphics pdf 948 kB
Attachment 4 - Land Use Ordinance Consistency Analysis Table pdf 172 kB
Attachment 5 - Operations Plan pdf 1 MB
Attachment 6 - Referral Responses pdf 6 MB
Attachment 7 - Environmental Determination pdf 1 MB
Attachment 8 - Response to Comments Received on Proposed Mitigated Negative Declaration (SCH#2019039018) pdf 1 MB
Project Manager's continuation request memorandum. pdf 7 MB
email recommending continuance pdf 115 kB
Discussed at meetings:
Meeting PLC - 8/2019, Point 5 on 4/25/2019 by Planning Commission
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