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Amendments to Inclusionary Housing Ordinance, Affordable Housing Fund and CEQA Guidelines

Agenda 142/2019
Planning and Building
Hearing to consider the submittal of a resolution approving 1) ordinance amendments to Title 29 Inclusionary Housing Ordinance and the Affordable Housing Fund that will change how affordable housing requirements and in-lieu fees are calculated and applied to development projects, and 2) amendments to the County’s California Environmental Quality Act Guidelines. All Districts.
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Attachment 1 - PowerPoint Presentation pdf 798 kB
Attachment 2 – January 24, 2019 Planning Commission Staff Report, Resolution, and Minutes Packet pdf 434 kB
Attachment 3 – Resolution Adopting Amendments to the Inclusionary Housing Ordinance, the Affordable Housing Fund, and the County’s California Environmental Quality Act Guidelines pdf 282 kB
Attachment 3A – Exhibit A: Title 22 and 23 Amending Ordinance pdf 213 kB
Attachment 3B – Exhibit B: Title 29 Amending Ordinance pdf 238 kB
Attachment 3C – Exhibit C: Amendments to County CEQA Guidelines pdf 273 kB
Attachment 4 – Notice of CEQA Exemption for Ordinance Amendments pdf 930 kB
Correspondence - Posted March 11, 2019 pdf 559 kB
Correspondence - Posted March 11, 2019 pdf 388 kB
Discussed at meetings:
Meeting BOS - 7/2019, Point 36 on 3/12/2019 by Board of Supervisors
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