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Type Agenda Item Number Agenda Item Subject Department
Agenda Item Agenda 624/2017 CBID - Avila Beach Amendment No. 4 TJA Advertising Administrative Office
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Review Status Resolved
Type Agenda Item
Published on 08/31/17
Description Request to approve Amendment No. 4 to the agreement for services with TJA Advertising and Public Relations (TJA) to continue to provide marketing services to the Avila Beach Local Area of the San Luis Obispo County Tourism Business Improvement District (CBID) in FY 2017-18 in the amount of $140,500. District 3.
Resolution Number N/A
Attachment Extension Item
Amendment No. 4 to the original agreement for services pdf TJA agreement amendment.pdf - 133Kb - pdf
FY 2017-18 Exhibit A - scope of work pdf TJA Advertising scope of work.pdf - 963Kb - pdf
FY 2016-17 year-end recap pdf TJA 2016-17 year end report.pdf - 1Mb - pdf
Avial Beach Local Area Advisory Board meeting minutes July 17, 2017 pdf ABTA Board meeting 7.17.17 Minutes.pdf - 342Kb - pdf
CBID meeting minutes July 26, 2017 pdf CBIDMinutes072617.pdf - 265Kb - pdf
Review History
Meeting BOS - 27/2017 on 9/12/17 9:00 AM - Board of SupervisorsBoard of Supervisors

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