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Type Agenda Item Number Agenda Item Subject Department
Agenda Item Agenda 626/2017 CBID - reappointments Winter, Lyon, Keller, Masia 2017 Administrative Office
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Review Status Resolved
Type Agenda Item
Published on 08/31/17
Description Request to approve four reappointments to the San Luis Obispo County Tourism Business Improvement District (CBID) Advisory Board. All Districts.
Resolution Number N/A
Attachment Extension Item
CBID Ordinance - Section 3.09.100 pdf Section 3.09.100.pdf - 131Kb - pdf
Bram Winter, Shirley Lyon, Lori Keller, and Matt Masia letters of interest pdf CBID renewal letters.pdf - 503Kb - pdf
CBID July 26, 2017 meeting minutes pdf CBIDMinutes072617.pdf - 265Kb - pdf
Review History
Meeting BOS - 27/2017 on 9/12/17 9:00 AM - Board of SupervisorsBoard of Supervisors

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