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Boards and Commissions

Board of SupervisorsBoard of Supervisors
Addendum to the Board of Supervisors AgendaAdditions, subtractions and corrections to the Board of Supervisors Agenda
Assessment Appeals BoardAssessment Appeals Board
Parks and Recreation CommissionParks and Recreation Commission

For more information on the Board of Supervisors, please visit the San Luis Obispo County Parks and Recreation Commission webpage.

Agenda Item Subject Function Organization
Ms. Ann Cochrane Representing District 1 Board of Supervisor
Ms. Pandora Nash-Karner Representing District 2 Board of Supervisor
Mr. Bruce Hilton Representing District 3 Board of Supervisor
Ms. Connie O'Henley Representing District 4 Board of Supervisor
Mr. Kenny Dahlen Representing District 5 Board of Supervisor
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Planning CommissionPlanning Commission
Corrigenda #2 to the Board of Supervisors MeetingAdditions, Subtractions and Corrections to the Board of Supervisors Agenda Use if a corrigenda has already been posted and a second corrigenda needs to be prepared.

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